itsa nice n rainy day

itsa nice n rainy day

Can’t seem to find my “No One Does This For The Money” poster, but I think someone took it and sold it..

He painted at night, and often broke off in a fever at dawn, when the sun came like the light of recovery to the patient just past the crisis of fatal illness, and in time the patient became lax, and stretched fingers of minutes and cold limbs of hours into the convalescent resurrection of the day.
The Recognitions by William Gaddis

Woke up to some cool emails in my inbox and I’m going to hit you back, but I need to take an internet break until I finish this portrait, which shouldn’t be long if i can calm down. if you’re doing creative work you know one of the biggest hurdles always in your path is being honest in your work, but it’s scary as hell, putin so much of yourself out there for people to make whatever of it and rip it apart from the comfort of their home. Right now I feel sick to my stomach and sweatin all over - i just got a machine for my hyperhidrosis and turning the electric current up aint helpin any.

Also just want to say i love you. I know sometimes I can get especially heated in discussion, but I’m just passionate and this means too much to me - it keeps me sane. it’s hard being honest, people will be quick to label you an asshole, especially if you’re making art, and especially if it threatens their viewpoint, imagine!


yeah i posted another video while also promising i wouldn’t do exactly that, whatever, I’m done with disclaimers. If you’re a creative fighting for your freedom you know exactly what I’m getting at here. My transition to ‘Loose Germs’ wasn’t the smoothest, but with the name change I was trying to drop all these preconceived notions and these ridiculous pretensions. To say that we are one in the same, but somehow I seem to be inviting more pretentiousness.

alright last one I promise, I’ve shared it a lot, but it really deserves to be shared way more

Last post until i finish this portrait. Feel weird posting so much music, but I love sharing it, it inspires me. I am working, and I don’t want to be real cheese, but this is one of the first projects I’ve had, drawin Kurt, that I don’t want to end so I’m taking my time

I feel i need to repost this again, it’s very inspiring and I come back to it pretty often.

Same story, different day. Second image is a new Banksy.